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Library Policies

Students may check out 1 book for 3 weeks at a time.
There are exceptions, some are due in 2 weeks and a few are 
due in 1 week.

Please pay attention to due date!

Students may renew a book 1 time if done before the book is due.

Overdue fines are 10¢ per school day, there is a  2 day grace period.

Books may be returned in the library or the drop box  outside the library door.

If a book is lost or never returned, expect to pay the original 
purchase price of the book.  If a book is returned damaged, 
expect to pay a fine.

Textbook Information

Lost, damaged, or stolen textbooks are the responsibility 
of the student. 

 If a textbook is lost, damaged or stolen, the student will be charged the original cost of the book.

Lost, stolen or water damaged expect to pay $60-$120 per textbook.
Lost, stolen or water damaged expect to pay $15-$30 per novel.
Damaged books expect to pay $5-$10

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