Electives Team

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Electives/Support Staff

 Renee Childers 8th grade Physical Education 
 Tracy Hellwege  8th grade Physical Education
 Laura Fuentes  English as Second Language and Computer Applications
 Jaynell McEntee Computer Applications/Yearbook
 Eric Maine  Choir
 Christina Yarnot Band
 Rebecca Sigwing  STEM and AVID
 Stacy Johnston AVID and Computer Applications
 Rebecca Gartner  STEM/Science
 Stacie Bunn  Computer Applications
 Jeff Miller Robotics
Tom Weller Pre-engineering and Gateway to Technology
 Shaun Roberts Physical Education
 Dave Coles AVID and Study Skills
 Sanda Warnke Art
 Deb Hollingsworth Media Center/Library
 Belinda Grover Extended Resource Room
 Adrienne Chaplin  Extended Resource Room